OCT presents ‘See How They Run’

OKEECHOBEE — What happens when you combine a host of British clergy with a feisty American actress, an actor-turned-Air Force corporal, a dim-witted maid, a prim-and proper-busybody, and an escaped Russian spy? Okeechobee Community Theatre’s next production, “See How They Run” by Philip King is a hilarious, fast-paced farce that will have everyone laughing from […]

Children’s Mental Health System of Care hosts Family Night dinner

OKEECHOBEE — Want an evening off from making dinner and doing dishes? Interested in learning about resources available to families across our community? Meet us at the Williamson Education Center at Indian River State College on Tuesday, Aug. 27, as the Okeechobee Children’s Mental Health System of Care kicks off its free Family Nights series […]

Okeechobee shows support for children’s mental health

It seems that wherever we turn in 2018, someone is mentioning mental health. We see it in national news stories, read about it in internet commentary and even hear it discussed in scripted television series and movies. We are inundated with messages concerning the importance of positive mental health but rarely given a reason why. […]

Wear green on show support of World Mental Health Day

Mental health is a term that seems to be everywhere lately — a hot-button topic tossed around political forums, on school campuses, across the internet and in our own homes. While we may see mental health as an American issue, the effects of mental illness are being felt on a global level. People experience mental […]

November is Parental Involvement Month

In a fast-paced world like ours, it can sometimes feel easy to become robotic — melding and compressing our schedules. At times we limit the duties and tasks, just to make it through the day thinking about how to de-stress our lives for ourselves and our kids. The thought of adding any additional responsibility to […]

Don’t let the ‘Holiday Blues’ get you down

OKEECHOBEE — It’s that time of year again! Colorful lights are twinkling throughout neighborhoods, stories of history and faith are shared with family and friends, and ugly sweaters are being donned for parties and celebrations. It is a time for merriment and cheer, love and hope, togetherness, joy, and … sadness? It seems hard to […]

Drug abuse prevention speaker visits

OKEECHOBEE – When it comes to tough conversations with children and youth, most adults struggle to find the right thing to say. We do our best to avoid sounding too critical, or too “preachy,” but sometimes in doing so we come across sounding less genuine than we might have hoped – and sometimes we drop […]

Childhood depression: may be more than a passing phase

OKEECHOBEE — How often have we looked at the past through rose-colored glasses, reminiscing back to the days of childhood as a time of freedom and ease? We recall with fondness the joy of holidays, the excitement of school field trips, and the simple adventures of zipping down a warm metal slide or hanging from […]