Don’t let the ‘Holiday Blues’ get you down

OKEECHOBEE — It’s that time of year again! Colorful lights are twinkling throughout neighborhoods, stories of history and faith are shared with family and friends, and ugly sweaters are being donned for parties and celebrations. It is a time for merriment and cheer, love and hope, togetherness, joy, and … sadness? It seems hard to […]

Drug abuse prevention speaker visits

OKEECHOBEE – When it comes to tough conversations with children and youth, most adults struggle to find the right thing to say. We do our best to avoid sounding too critical, or too “preachy,” but sometimes in doing so we come across sounding less genuine than we might have hoped – and sometimes we drop […]

Childhood depression: may be more than a passing phase

OKEECHOBEE — How often have we looked at the past through rose-colored glasses, reminiscing back to the days of childhood as a time of freedom and ease? We recall with fondness the joy of holidays, the excitement of school field trips, and the simple adventures of zipping down a warm metal slide or hanging from […]