Lollie Raulerson center caters to the ‘Young at Heart’

OKEECHOBEE — The “Lottie Raulerson Senior Center” is now officially known as the “Young at Heart Center of Okeechobee.” The center has been in existence since 1981, thanks in large part to the efforts of the late Lottie Raulerson, who saw a need for a place for seniors to gather in Okeechobee, and worked to […]

Couple scammed by online cat sale

OKEECHOBEE — A local couple was scammed out of $700 when they attempted to buy a cat online. On Jan. 14, Okeechobee County Deputy Devon Satallante was dispatched to the Okeechobee Police Department in reference to a fraud complaint. When he arrived, he spoke to a couple who told him they had found a website […]

Who decides what is considered rude?

OKEECHOBEE — We have all heard the saying, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” but can we say the same about etiquette? Is etiquette also in the eye of the beholder? Proper etiquette is important in many areas of life — the workplace, at home, at the grocery store, on the telephone, etc. […]

Okeechobee community helps search for missing dog

OKEECHOBEE — Recently, citizens of Okeechobee turned out in droves to hunt for the lost puppy belonging to Judge Bill Wallace. Little Madelyn, a beautiful long-haired dachshund, disappeared from her home on Friday afternoon, Jan. 10, while Judge Wallace was out of town. As soon as it was discovered that she had wandered off, a […]

Legal age to buy tobacco in U.S. raised to 21

OKEECHOBEE — It’s official! No one under the age of 21 can legally buy tobacco in any form after President Trump signed a new spending package that included an amendment to the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act on Dec.20. Immediately following this, the FDA officially changed the federal minimum age to purchase tobacco from […]

Man stabbed at RV park

OKEECHOBEE — While moving boxes at the Cattleman’s RV park, a man was reportedly stabbed by the father of the man who was working with him. Allen Dubey, 57, Okeechobee, was arrested Jan. 8 by Okeechobee County Sheriff’s Deputy Brandon Greis and charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. He is accused of walking […]

Retired County Judge Bryant once was a Marine

OKEECHOBEE — Many years before he became a judge, Jerry Bryant became a Marine. Although his parents lived in Okeechobee, he was born in Jacksonville, because his mother wanted to be with her parents when she gave birth. He grew up in Okeechobee and graduated during the Vietnam War. At that time, if you did […]

Over a million taxpayers left waiting for refund

Last year, the Internal Revenue Service’s anti-fraud filter, Filter X, flagged and stopped the processing of almost 1.1 million tax returns, according to Acting National Taxpayer Advocate Bridget T. Roberts. The refunds of these taxpayers were held for weeks or even months, but over half were eventually paid. One Okeechobee family filed their tax return […]

Inspiring Okeechobee…Althetes learn from FCA rep’s living testimony

OKEECHOBEE — Caleb Cornett’s father was a football coach for over 40 years in Georgia, and that is where Mr. Cornett’s love of the sport began. The family moved around a lot, and by playing ball, he could spend a lot of time with his father. After high school, he went to college in Knoxville […]

City firefighters offered paramedic training

OKEECHOBEE — The Okeechobee City Council unanimously agreed to pay for paramedic training for any city firefighter who wants it. At the council meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 7, all city council members agreed they wanted to give the city firefighters the opportunity for the training. All five council members expressed concern for the future of […]