Girls can’t be G.I. Joe, they told Becca Queen Hegyesi … And she proved them wrong.

OKEECHOBEE — Becca Queen Hegyesi was born and raised in Okeechobee. She graduated from Okeechobee High School in 1999 and worked for the Lake Okeechobee News, which at that time was called the Okeechobee News, until she joined the service. In May of 2000, she joined the Army and went to basic training at Fort […]

Lighthouse Refuge raising funds to open Refuge House

OKEECHOBEE — Lighthouse Refuge is in the process of revamping a house donated to them by the county in 2016, and they could use the community’s help, said Director Donna Dean. Lighthouse Refuge Inc. has been a part of Okeechobee for the last 20 years. When Mrs. Dean first moved to Okeechobee, she spent some […]

Woman reportedly creates fake Facebook profile to set someone up for a crime

OKEECHOBEE — A local woman contacted the Okeechobee County Sheriff’s Office to report a text she said she received from a man through Facebook messenger. The woman said it was a sexually explicit text and caused her to remember a time when she was young and this person had attempted to molest her. While she […]

Suspects in an Okeechobee carjacking were arrested in Desoto County

Update July 10 6:30 a.m. : According to Desoto County Sheriff’s Office, Edison claimed there was a third man in the vehicle at the time of the accident. He said he did not know the names of the other men in the vehicle, but said one was called, “Man.” OKEECHOBEE — A car jacking which […]

Sheriff makes history by being first in Okeechobee to run unopposed

OKEECHOBEE — Sheriff Noel E. Stephen is the first sheriff in the history of Okeechobee County to ever run unopposed for the office of sheriff. He was surprised when the man who planned to run against him did not at least run as a write-in candidate, but he could not say he was unhappy about […]

Is an interlocal fire agreement between City of Okeechobee and Okeechobee County legal?

OKEECHOBEE — The possibility of having the city provide its own EMS service was on the agenda at the city council meeting Tuesday night, July 7. City Administrator Marcos Montes de Oca went over the details saying he and Finance Director India Riedel had gone over the figures so many times they practically had them […]

Wife backs up man’s story of girlfriend’s violence

OKEECHOBEE — A man, who said he lives with both his wife and his pregnant girl friend, called law enforcement on Saturday, July 4 after his girlfriend reportedly slapped him. He told Okeechobee County Sheriff’s Cpl. Steven Pollock he does not hit females so he had no other choice but to call the cops. He […]

‘Banks should be dependable’

OKEECHOBEE — Imagine her surprise when 77-year-old Joanne Linehan arrived at Bank of America three weeks ago to withdraw some money from her account and found a note on the door saying the branch was temporarily closed. “I didn’t know what to think,” she said. “The note didn’t say when they would open again. I […]

Guest Commentary: Please mind your manners

OKEECHOBEE — When we were young, our parents taught us to mind our manners. We were taught to say “please” and “thank you.” You didn’t take the last of any food item on the table unless you were sure no one else wanted it first. You always cleaned your plate. You pretended you liked what […]

Wearing masks does not violate Florida law

FLORIDA — Contrary to what you may have read on social media, rules requiring people wear cloth face coverings in public buildings to reduce the spread of COVID-19 are not in violation of Florida Statute. This myth has been making the rounds on social media, based on Florida Statute 876.12, enacted in 1951, which states: […]