Study links phones to increase in teen suicides

A research study published in November 2017 in “Clinical Psychological Science” indicated that the combination of “smartphones” and social media could be linked to the increase in depression and suicide among teenagers in the United States. The researchers noted a sudden increase in teen depression, suicide risk factors and suicide rates starting in 2012. Teenagers […]

15-year-old’s suicide attempt mimicked death in ‘13 Reasons Why’

OKEECHOBEE — As a 15-year-old Okeechobee girl prepared to take her own life on Mother’s Day, two teenagers she thought were her friends were egging her on. In the week after the suicide attempt, the girl’s mother has pieced together some of what happened before her daughter cut her arms open and waited in the […]

Mental health help available for teens at risk

OKEECHOBEE — The Okeechobee mother who took to social media on May 16 to tell others about her daughter’s suicide attempt is doing the right thing, according to Tykes & Teens CEO and children’s mental health expert Jeff Shearer, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Tykes & Teens provides counseling services at schools in Okeechobee County. […]

Mother posts video about teen suicide pact in Okeechobee

OKEECHOBEE — An Okeechobee mother posted a tearful video online Wednesday, warning others about a teen suicide pact, and asking all teenagers to report it if one of their friends talks about taking their own life. The parents were alerted to their daughter’s suicide attempt when an Okeechobee County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO) deputy came to […]

Children’s mental health system needs community support

OKEECHOBEE NEWS – Are you concerned about children’s mental health? In light of recent events in our nation, children’s mental health is a discussion that should be taking place in all communities, including ours. A Children’s Mental Health System of Care is being implemented in Okeechobee County, and we need your input to make it […]

Mobile Crisis Unit delivers free emergency mental health services

 OKEECHOBEE — When a 10-year-old boy whose father recently passed away said he wanted to kill himself, his mother called the New Horizons Mobile Crisis Unit for immediate help. At first, the boy refused to discuss his feelings with the licensed mental health counselor. But after hours of gentle encouragement, he sat down on the […]

Okeechobee parents warned about “13 Reasons” Netflix series

Okeechobee County School District Superintendent Ken Kenworthy reached out to parents this week to warn them about potential problems from the “13 Reasons Why” series on Netflix. Nationwide, parents, educators and mental health professionals have expressed concerns that the program glamorizes suicide. Although Netflix has labeled the program MA (mature adults), many parents do not […]