Shelter dog is trained to help veteran

OKEECHOBEE — Last year, a dog named Nova was surrendered to Trail of Hope Animal Rescue because her family was evicted and ultimately became homeless. They felt the best thing for Nova was to turn her in to Trail of Hope, where she would have a chance for a better life, and things did turn […]

What is a service dog?

OKEECHOBEE — What is a true service dog? What are they trained to do? What service do they provide? How are they taught to respond in an emergency? What is the difference between a service dog and an emotional support animal? Those are just some of the questions the general public have when it comes […]

Service dog shot while attacking cop

OKEECHOBEE – A service dog was killed Monday night, Nov. 11, around midnight after he reportedly attacked two police officers who were attempting to revive his owner who had suffered a seizure and was unresponsive. According to Okeechobee Police Detective Bill Saum, Officers Luis Rojas and Cody Daigneault responded to a call at approximately midnight […]