Scam alert: Impostor claiming you have outstanding warrant

BEWARE! There is an impostor calling members of the community and claiming to be with the Social Security Office. This impostor is advising the recipient of the call that he/she has an outstanding warrant for their arrest. The impostor goes on to say that the warrant can be rectified by a dollar amount preferably in […]

How to avoid coronavirus stimulus check scams

The distribution of $1,200 stimulus checks to Americans has given rise to unprecedented online scams The Federal Trade Commission has thus far received 18,235 reports of fraud costing victims $13.44 million; Google reported it is blocking 18 million scam emails every single day; and 150,000 fraudulent stimulus check sites have already launched. today released […]

Puppy scams take COVID twist

It’s no secret: Scammers can and will find ways to take advantage of a difficult situation. The current international crisis is no exception, as puppy scams have taken on a COVID-19 twist. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is receiving Scam Tracker reports of potential pet owners being told they have to pay extra for a […]

OCPD believes there may be more victims of the “prayer scams”

OKEECHOBEE — Two women were arrested earlier in December after they allegedly convinced a woman to hand over her money so they could pray over it and then disappeared with it. Ruth Guadalupe Yeffimo Montes, 32, was arrested Dec. 2, and Vannessa Yeffimo Montes was arrested Dec. 3 by Okeechobee City Police Officers Cesar Romero […]

Fake Army boyfriend scams woman

OKEECHOBEE — Another local woman was scammed out of thousands of dollars this week, but this time it was by a man posing as a new boyfriend serving in the Army. This man, whom the woman never had met in person but had corresponded with, supposedly was serving overseas. According to the statement given to […]

Florida ranks third in the nation in ‘catfishing’

Florida ranking high in a list involving the word “fish” is usually something you would be proud of. But these aren’t exactly the kinds of fish you want to catch. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) refers to “catfishing” as an online romance scam. In this type of fraud, scammers take advantage of people looking […]