Lake O Livelihoods: Retired roofer runs veggie oasis in a food desert

MOORE HAVEN — Anybody who’s driven through town on U.S. 27 in the past several years might know who Mr. Bean is. He’s the smiling oldish guy seen in the same spot, all morning and into the afternoons, on midweek days from September through May, selling fresh vegetables from the back of his truck at […]

Lake O Livelihoods: Carol’s Hair Barn hangs on in drained Glades economy

PAHOKEE — Carol Peaden started her beauty shop business here as a survival strategy back in the mid-1980s when her husband became ill with kidney disease, knowing he’d no longer be able to be breadwinner for them and their children. And she and her shop, Carol’s Hair Barn, are still here, tucked behind flowering bushes […]