Are you prepared for a hurricane?

OKEECHOBEE — Are you ready for hurricane season? At the July 23 meeting of the Okeechobee County Commission, Mitch Smeykal of the Emergency Operations Center said they are watching Tropical Storm Gonzalo ,which is predicted to turn into a hurricane. He said there is also a system over Texas that might intensify. “The tropics are […]

COVID-19 poses challenges for hurricane shelters

OKEECHOBEE — Concerns about the spread of the COVID-19 virus will provide additional problems during hurricane season. At the May 28 meeting of the Okeechobee County Commission, Mitch Smeykal of the Okeechobee Emergency Operations Center said statewide EOC officials have been working together to try to come up with solutions and common-sense approaches. He said […]

Above-normal hurricane season predicted

Forecasters predict 16 named storms, with four Cat 3 or stronger Florida could be in for an above-average hurricane season, according to forecasters at Colorado State University. On April 2, Philip J. Klotzbach, Michael M. Belle and Jhordanne Jones released the “Extended Range Forecast of Atlantic Seasonal Hurricane Activity and Landfall Strike Probability for 2020.” […]

Local Vietnam veteran in dire need of help

OKEECHOBEE — A local Vietnam veteran could use your help, said Gregg Maynard. Hurricane Irma hit and caused significant damage to his house. He is 72 years old but was a carpenter all his life, so was determined to fix it himself. He began removing the drywall and insulation but then suffered an accident and […]

Don’t leave windows blocked with shutters

OKEECHOBEE — Some Okeechobee residents who live in mobile homes were disturbed the week after Hurricane Dorian to come home and find yellow tags on their doors left by the Okeechobee County Tax Collector’s Office. The tags said there was no visible sticker on the mobile home and asked the resident to contact the office […]

What can we learn from Hurricane Dorian?

OKEECHOBEE — Every time a big storm passes us by, we breathe a sigh of relief, and then we usually go back to living life as we always have. Maybe it’s time we begin thinking about what could have been and how we can make some small changes now while we are still able. Okeechobee […]

Clewiston was ‘well prepared’ for Dorian

CLEWISTON — City fire and police departments and municipal officials took to the city’s Facebook pages with warnings, essential public information and cautionary videos they shot in the EOC as Hurricane Dorian bore down on the Florida peninsula at the end of August. They started right after Hendry County declared a local state of emergency […]

Dorian preparations went smoothly in Hendry County

LABELLE — Luckily for Hendry County, it was never under the same watches and warnings as the rest of the Lake Okeechobee region last week during Dorian’s brush-by of Florida — and, officials said, it turned into one big but useful practice run. County Communications & Legislative Coordinator Emily Hunter, who was on duty keeping […]

How did kids handle the hurricane?

OKEECHOBEE — As their parents worried and fretted and bought plywood and water, the children of Ms. Candace’s VPK class at Rock Solid Christian Academy weren’t worried at all. As a matter of fact, the 4-year-olds had the time of their lives during their unexpected five-day holiday from school. Zoe did say she helped get […]

Why not donate those hurricane supplies?

OKEECHOBEE — Last Friday, Hurricane Dorian was headed straight toward Okeechobee, and the fact that he never came near us has been met with mixed reactions by the citizens of our town. Some people consider it a huge blessing; some say we were very lucky, and some are annoyed they spent time and money on […]