Woman earns Mary Kay car

OKEECHOBEE — Janice Pietro of Okeechobee has earned a car through her work with Mary Kay Cosmetics. Mary Kay Ash, the company’s founder, began awarding cars to top sales reps in her company in 1969. In the beginning, the cars were all pink Cadillacs, but since then, the company has added other choices to the […]

Community shows love to 100-year-old veteran

VERO BEACH — Because it’s not every day someone turns 100 — let alone a person who’s a double veteran of civilian and military service to the United States of America — some friends and admirers of Hank Sulima planted a bug in the ear of a local veterans council leader about his milestone June […]

Local woman needs community’s help

OKEECHOBEE — A local family is seeking help from the community, particularly from churches, friends and friends of friends. “We aren’t looking for charity,” said Sylvia Mitchell. “We can pay. We just can’t pay a large amount.” Melissa Mitchell-Murphy was born and raised in Okeechobee. She went to school here, started a business and raised […]

Pastor takes 50-mile ‘prayer run’ to fight COVID-19

BELLE GLADE — Counting on the power of prayer to help make a difference in the hunkered-down-against-coronavirus state of the world, Pastor Eric Payne of Belle Glade decided to do another “prayer run” last Friday — the day Gov. Ron DeSantis’s stay-at-home order took effect. This time it was 40-plus miles round trip. There were […]

#GirlDad tragedy hits close to home

BELLE GLADE — Oscar Boatwright, affectionately known as “mailman” to the community — a motorcycle driving, new jack swing dancing, lover of all people — was first a #GirlDad, above all else. “We are happy to have shared him with each other and the world,” said Kalyn Boatwright. “We love him and will miss him,” […]

Woman awaiting new heart, won’t sit by idly

CLEWISTON — La’Shay Earley is an inspirational and remarkable young woman. La’Shay has survived open heart surgery, after suffering heart failure, and is awaiting a lifesaving heart transplant. But she doesn’t let any of that stop her. Until she is able to receive her new heart, she’s on a mission to educate others about heart […]

Local man rescues couple from car overturned in ditch

OKEECHOBEE — After a long day at work Sunday, Brett Holden did not expect to find himself pulling two people out of a wrecked car in the dark, but that’s what happened. It was close to 9 p.m., and Mr. Holden was driving home on the Peavine Trail out on the Prairie when a woman […]

Who decides what is considered rude?

OKEECHOBEE — We have all heard the saying, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” but can we say the same about etiquette? Is etiquette also in the eye of the beholder? Proper etiquette is important in many areas of life — the workplace, at home, at the grocery store, on the telephone, etc. […]

Okeechobee community helps search for missing dog

OKEECHOBEE — Recently, citizens of Okeechobee turned out in droves to hunt for the lost puppy belonging to Judge Bill Wallace. Little Madelyn, a beautiful long-haired dachshund, disappeared from her home on Friday afternoon, Jan. 10, while Judge Wallace was out of town. As soon as it was discovered that she had wandered off, a […]

Make healthy choices: If she can do it, so can you

OKEECHOBEE — Often we feel as if we are so badly out of shape that there is no hope for us, and we might as well not even try, but Denise Sikorski tells her real life “couch to 5K story,” and it is enough to make just about anyone think, “If she can do it, […]