Farm to table is a complicated journey

Guest Commentary By Jack PayneUF/IFAS We have people going hungry within an hour’s drive of fields where crops are rotting. It shouldn’t be that way. The thing is, it’s a complicated journey from field to fork. The customers of a Lee County farm may be at a hotel, or aboard a cruise ship. Those customers […]

Florida man has problem with transparency

Guest Commentary By Nikki FriedFlorida Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services Florida is one of the nation’s most unique states, for a wide variety of reasons. One of those is how we’re governed – we’re the only state with a Cabinet that constitutionally governs together over numerous state agencies. The four officials on this bipartisan […]

Stop playing games with our water!

Guest Commentary By Matt Caldwell “What can you do … against the lunatic who is more intelligent than yourself; who gives your arguments a fair hearing and simply persists in his lunacy?” — George Orwell’s 1984 It is an open joke in Tallahassee that if Kimberly Mitchell and the Everglades Trust speak, you will hear […]

Give special thanks to veterans and active-duty military

Guest Commentary By Chrisanne Gordon, M.D. May is National Military Appreciation Month, since 1999 an annual opportunity for Americans to honor veterans and active-duty members of our military services. But this monthlong observance takes on special meaning in 2020, a year so disrupted by COVID-19, because so many men and women on the front lines […]

Everglades Foundation efforts threaten to outsource food supply

Guest Commentary By Julia du PlooyPresident of the Lake Okeechobee Business Alliance. CLEWISTON — Growing up in Clewiston, I heard how special-interest “activists” often used our farmers as their boogeymen. Now as a mother of two and founder of an organization devoted to promoting local causes, I fear extremism in Florida is threatening to disrupt […]

Shameful attacks must end

Guest Commentary By Janet Taylor,Chairwoman, Glades Lives Matter Anti-farming advocates like Broward County’s Patrick Ferguson and radical elements within the Sierra Club are back at it — denigrating the Glades communities, stoking fear among our most vulnerable residents and insulting the intelligence of our people. This time they are resorting to using the COVID-19 virus […]