Firefighter attempts to save city fire department

OKEECHOBEE — In what may be a last ditch effort, Okeechobee City firefighter Stevie Weeks has been attempting to rally support in an effort to save the Okeechobee City Fire Department. For months now, the Okeechobee City Council has been considering ways to save money for the city. When the possibility of consolidating the departments […]

Town hall meeting is poorly attended

Whether it was a fear of Coronavirus infected crowds or the fact that the town hall meeting was held on a night when many are in church, something caused an unusually low attendance at the bi-annual meeting Wednesday night, March 11. There were only four commenters, and one of those was the Economic Council of […]

City residents ask: Where will merger end?

OKEECHOBEE — “Consolidation is akin to diabetes,” said Dale Ann Watford at the city council meeting on Feb. 18. “You start cuttin’ a little bit. It starts with your toe. Then it’s your foot. Then it’s your leg. If y’all ain’t careful, this is just my knower (hand gesture over heart) y’all might be out […]

City talks fire merger… again

OKEECHOBEE — Once again, the possible merge of the city and county fire departments was the main topic of conversation at the Okeechobee City Council meeting held on Dec. 17. The council was informed that, according to state statute, they cannot allow the county to take over the fire department and assess taxes without a […]

Outside consultant may be next step in fire merge

OKEECHOBEE — For several months now, the possibility of merging the city fire department with the county has been one of the main topics of conversation at both city council and county commission meetings, and the city council meeting on Dec. 3 was no exception. Councilman Bob Jarriel expressed disappointment with the progress of the […]

Fire department merger questioned

OKEECHOBEE — Should the city ask the county to take over fire protection services? The Okeechobee City Council is considering that option, as a way to reduce taxes for city residents. What would it mean for the city? What would it mean for the county? At the Nov. 26 meeting of the Okeechobee County Commission, […]

City, county discuss fire protection

OKEECHOBEE — The Okeechobee City Council and Okeechobee County commissioners sat down together along with Okeechobee County Fire Rescue Chief Ralph Franklin on Tuesday, Nov. 12, to discuss the possibility of merging the two fire departments. Prior to the meeting, Commission Chairman Terry Burroughs made it clear the commissioners were there to listen. He said […]