Local law enforcement will never call you for donations

OKEECHOBEE — Recently, Okeechobee residents have been receiving phone calls soliciting donations on behalf of the Florida Police and Troopers Association. The caller, who gave his name as Eric Gordon, claims to be from Sebring, and says he is collecting for local law enforcement officers who have been killed or injured in the line of […]

Inspiring Okeechobee: Attorney Jeffrey Fadley does all he can do every day

OKEECHOBEE — Although he didn’t move here until he was 12 years old, Attorney Jeffrey Fadley has considered Okeechobee his hometown since the day he arrived with his mom and brother. He said he has traveled all over the world, but he is always thankful to get back home to Okeechobee. He is a product […]

Hughes indicted for murder of ‘Prairie Jen’

A grand jury met on Tuesday, June 11, and returned an indictment charging Kevin Franklin Hughes with first degree murder in the death of his wife, Jennifer Minnette Benson-Hughes. On Friday, April 19, the Okeechobee County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call purportedly from Hughes, 34. The caller claimed his wife tried to kill him […]

Beck renovates church roof

MOORE HAVEN — Beck Companies, a residential and commercial services firm that operates throughout Florida, has renovated the roof of Christian Church of Moore Haven Inc. as a pro bono way of giving back to Glades County — its area of origin. In two days, just ahead of hurricane season, Beck Companies removed the existing […]

Susan G. Komen Florida to expand to Glades region in 2019

PALM BEACH COUNTY — On March 23, Susan G. Komen® Florida announced the expansion of its first-in-nation breast health navigation program for women of diversity as it approaches its one-year anniversary. Komen Florida launched the Community-Based Breast Health Navigator Pilot Program on May 21, 2018 with funding from Quantum Foundation to provide education and patient […]

Inspiring Okeechobee: Gregg Maynard cares about veterans

OKEECHOBEE — Any time something is happening involving veterans in Okeechobee, you can almost bet Gregg Maynard will be there. Born and raised in Okeechobee, Mr. Maynard spent his childhood out on the Prairie. His father was a Vietnam veteran, and watching his struggles after he came home gave Mr. Maynard a strong desire to […]

Gove Elementary nominates Outstanding Volunteer

BELLE GLADE — Gove Elementary is honored to nominate Florencio Zavala as Gove’s most outstanding volunteer. He has been a volunteer for the school and the Glades community for over 18 years. Florencio’s ability and willingness to mentor and motivate students and staff has made him a teacher’s “dream maker.” Prior to his retirement five […]

PBCFR Fire Stations — Safe Haven for Newborns

PALM BEACH COUNTY — All Palm Beach County Fire Rescue (PBCFR) staffed stations are “Save Haven” locations. A newborn child, from birth to 7 days old, can be turned over anonymously to fire rescue personnel at any of our Palm Beach County Fire Rescue stations. Fire Rescue will transport the child to the nearest hospital […]

Nonprofit applications now open for a share of $1 million!

WEST PALM BEACH — Quantum Foundation is now accepting applications for grassroots nonprofits in Palm Beach County to receive their share of $1 million! This year marks the ninth annual Quantum in the Community initiative to help local nonprofits working toward a healthier Palm Beach County by meeting the basic needs of residents through food, […]

Inspiring Okeechobee: Tonya Schumacher makes the Prairie a happier place to live

OKEECHOBEE — Bringing neighbors together is important to Tonya Schumacher. When she was growing up, her family always enjoyed spending time with the neighbors, and she said when she moved to the Prairie three years ago, that was the one thing she missed. She moved out there to enjoy the county lifestyle, but she didn’t […]