Local 8-year-old is bitten by a pygmy rattle snake

OKEECHOBEE — Eight-year-old Coby Cox was enjoying a visit with his grandparents in Estero, Fla. on Saturday, Dec. 1, when he was bitten by a pygmy rattle snake while walking across the yard. Coby said he thought maybe a bee or a wasp stung him on the ankle. It hurt, but not as bad as […]

Move over Christmas, there are other holidays in December

OKEECHOBEE — Although it may seem as if Christmas holds a monopoly on the month of December, there are actually several other occasions and holidays sharing the month. Pearl Harbor Day, Human Rights Day, Hanukkah, Festivus, National Fruit Cake Day and Make Up Your Mind Day are just a few. National Pearl Harbor Day of […]

Inspiring Okeechobee: Zierdan inspires with voice and smile

OKEECHOBEE — Although it is probably the first thing people think about when they hear his name, it’s not only his beautiful singing voice that makes Mike Zierdan special. The only time Mike is ever seen without his smile is when he is onstage at the community theatre, and playing a bad guy. In real […]

Meet the firefighter: Forest Ranger Robert Smith

OKEECHOBEE — Florida Forest Ranger Robert Smith was born in Arcadia but says because his family was in the ministry, he was fortunate to be able to travel and explore most of Florida and Georgia during his childhood. In 2009, his family settled in Okeechobee, and he says this is the longest amount of time […]

OCT presents a feel-good patriotic show

OKEECHOBEE – Okeechobee Community Theatre (OCT) observes the 77th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, with a special presentation that honors American veterans of all wars. The show entitled “Mail Call” is a surprisingly funny and highly entertaining patriotic show that should leave audiences, with and without military experience, feeling […]

‘American Pickers’ to film in Florida

SOUTH FLORIDA — Mike Wolfe, Frank Fritz and their team are excited to return to Florida. They plan to film episodes of the hit series “American Pickers” throughout the region in February 2019. “American Pickers” is a documentary series that explores the fascinating world of antique “picking” on the History channel. The hit show follows […]

When I grow up: Judson

OKEECHOBEE — Being a Little Caesar’s pizza worker has been a dream for 8-year-old Judson Phillips since he was a toddler. “There was just something about that guy twirling the sign out by the highway that enthralled him,” said his mom. Judson doesn’t want to work at just any pizza place, it must be Little […]

Inspiring Okeechobee: Ginny Staines stays on the move

OKEECHOBEE — There is no excuse good enough to keep 92-year-old Ginny Staines from her daily, hour-long walk, and if that’s not inspiring, I don’t know what is. Ginny said she used to walk two hours a day, but recently, her doctor told her it was time to cut back a little so she did. […]

Meet the state wildland firefighter: Forest Ranger Chuck Mullin

OKEECHOBEE — Forest Ranger Chuck Mullin grew up in the suburbs of Lindenhurst, N.Y. on an island east of New York City. After high school he moved with his family to Florida where he loves the country living, being able to see the stars and the wide open spaces. Helping his father in his accounting […]

Know the law before burning yard waste

OKEECHOBEE — Often residents desire to burn yard waste but aren’t sure if it is legal to do so. According to the Florida Forest Service, it is legal to burn yard waste without a permit as long as there are no city or county restrictions in effect at the time and you meet certain restrictions: […]