Ransomware attack against Okeechobee foiled

OKEECHOBEE — At the Nov. 5 meeting of the Okeechobee City Council, one of the main topics was the fact that a ransomware attack was attempted against the City of Okeechobee last week, but was caught so quickly that the city lost nothing but maybe a day’s worth of work, said City Manager Marcos Montes […]

City council holds second townhall meeting

OKEECHOBEE — Okeechobee City Council’s second town hall meeting took place on Tuesday, Oct. 22, at 2 p.m. and lasted approximately 30 minutes. There were not as many participants as there were for the first meeting, and Sandra Pearce, one of the commenters, asked if the meeting had been advertised because she said she did […]

Council seeks new city attorney

OKEECHOBEE — After months of hinting at the possibility, it is now official. The Okeechobee City Council is looking for a new city attorney or possibly a new firm to take the place of John Cook, who has served in that capacity for over 30 years. Mr. Cook decided not to submit his contract for […]

City renews contract with administrator

OKEECHOBEE — The Okeechobee City Council renewed its contract with current City Administrator Marcos Montes De Oca at the Aug. 6 meeting. The contract will run for five years and have a base salary of $113,000. Mr. Montes De Oca was first chosen to be the city administrator in 2015. He was awarded the job […]