There is still time to complete census

WASHINGTON, D.C. — In a press release regarding community participation in the census, the U.S. Census Bureau states Florida has a response rate of 54.1%, and the national average is 56.3%. Palm Beach County has a 54.9% response rate and ranks 23rd out of 67 counties. Okeechobee ranks number 52 with a response rate of […]

2020 census self-reporting deadline extended

The deadline for self-reporting on the 2020 census has been extended to Oct. 31. The United States has been taking a census for 230 years, beginning when our Founding Fathers put it in the Constitution. According to Pedro M. Guilarte, from the U.S. Census Bureau, the census is more than just a method to count […]

Glades census response counts low

BELLE GLADE — City officials are urging residents of the Glades communities — in all the Tri-Cities including Pahokee and South Bay — to respond to the United States Census Bureau’s 2020 survey. They are pleading for people to register their information either by mail, phone or online so that everyone in the “Other Coast” […]

Don’t forget to complete the census

OKEECHOBEE — With all the talk of sickness and quarantines and toilet paper, most people probably haven’t had time to think about the census, but it is that time. Many received a little card in the mail with a code on it and an invitation to go online and fill out the census this week. […]

The 2020 Census: Count me in!

HENDRY COUNTY — What do Hendry County, fair representation, redistricting and $675 million have in common? The 2020 Census. It’s coming, and taking part is your civic duty. The census is conducted every 10 years by the U.S. Census Bureau, and the results determine congressional representation and federal funding for states and communities like ours. […]

Answer census, bring money to your community

OKEECHOBEE — Since Aug. 2, 1790, the United States has been completing a census every 10 years to help with governmental planning. When the time for the census rolls around, it is met with mixed reactions ranging from:“Oh great! Here come those nosy government workers wanting to know my business again” to “I’ll get to […]

Accurate 2020 Census crucial for representation

Although it is still just under a year away, preparations are already underway for the 2020 Census in April of next year. Every 10 years the federal government conducts a census, as required by the United States Constitution, to count every person living in the U.S. and where they reside. The data gathered from the […]