OneBlood seeks donors who have recovered from COVID-19

OneBlood, the not-for-profit blood center serving Florida and other parts of the Southeastern United States, is collecting plasma from people who have recovered from the coronavirus so it can be transfused to people with life-threatening coronavirus infection in hopes of aiding their recovery. The experimental treatment is approved by the FDA to be used on […]

Blood Roundup this weekend!

OKEECHOBEE — It’s roundup time again! Every November, Okeechobee community members are asked to roll up their sleeves and help save lives at the 14th Annual Okeechobee Blood Roundup. The community blood drive will be held in the Okeechobee Freshman Campus Auditorium on Nov. 23 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday, Nov. 24, […]