Veteran Marvis Davis was an imagery analyst

OKEECHOBEE — Marvis Davis was born and raised in Okeechobee. He joined the Army when he was 16 years old, after persuading his mother to sign the papers. Immediately after his high school graduation, he was off to boot camp at Fort Jackson, N.C., before he even turned 18. Afterward, he was sent to Arizona […]

Veteran Yoder has had a great life

OKEECHOBEE — Veteran Earl Yoder grew up in the Hershey Orphanage in Pennsylvania, and said it was a wonderful place and still is. He got a good education, and his two younger brothers were there with him. He even got to meet Mr. Hershey, he said. They were all treated very well. There were 20 […]

A veteran’s son shares memories of his dad

OKEECHOBEE — Born in Wintersville, Ohio, veteran Bernard A. Marker quit school at age 17 to join the Navy. “He had to lie to get in,” said his son, Bernard Jr. “A lot of guys did back then.” He served 20 years active and 10 years inactive. He was stationed in Key West. He served […]

Community shows love to 100-year-old veteran

VERO BEACH — Because it’s not every day someone turns 100 — let alone a person who’s a double veteran of civilian and military service to the United States of America — some friends and admirers of Hank Sulima planted a bug in the ear of a local veterans council leader about his milestone June […]

Veteran Abbott loved everything about the Navy

OKEECHOBEE — Born and raised in Southern New Jersey, down in the “Pines,” veteran Ed Abbott’s family was in dairy production as far back as 1876. The family had a big dairy, not just a small farm. Abbott’s Dairy covered six states. He had his whole future planned out, he said. He knew what he […]

Veteran turning 100 to be honored with procession

’30s Civilian Conservation Corps and WWII veteran Hank Sulima has been a humble educator and historical ambassador for decades in Florida VERO BEACH — The Veterans Council of Indian River County is organizing a celebratory parade with friends, neighbors, admirers and history buffs to honor a local veteran who will turn 100 years old on […]

Riles joined Army for a better life for his family

OKEECHOBEE — Veteran Demetre Riles was born and raised in Okeechobee, graduated from Okeechobee High School and then went to Bethune-Cookman University on a basketball scholarship. After two years, he made the decision to join the Army and better his life, because his first child was on the way. He went to basic training at […]

Honor Flights are not just seeing the monuments

OKEECHOBEE — Honor flights are meant for all veterans, said organization spokesman Ed Abbott. “Our debt to the heroic men and valiant women in the service of our country can never be repaid. They have earned our undying gratitude.” Mr. Abbott is a Korean War veteran who served aboard the USS Abbot. He always jokingly […]

Travis Futch joined the Army after high school

OKEECHOBEE — Born and raised in Okeechobee, Travis Futch joined the Army a month after his high school graduation and shipped off to boot camp in August 1997. He joined because he was not ready to go back to school, although he had two scholarship offers. He was just ready to take a little break […]

Veterans’ headstones clean in honor of Memorial Day

LABELLE — Rolling Thunder Chapter 5 gathered at the Fort Denaud Cemetery to clean the headstones of veterans who had been buried there as part of a local movement started by Trae Zipperer, a Navy veteran. Wanting to do something to show respect for fallen soldiers, Mr. Zipperer started on a mission to clean and […]