Veteran Busbin is still serving his country

OKEECHOBEE — David Busbin was born and raised in Okeechobee, and he signed up to join the Army when he was only 17. He left for basic in September 1995 after he graduated. He went to Fort Jackson for boot camp and then Fort Eustis, Va., for AIT. In March 1996, he went to K-16 […]

Veteran receives long-awaited honor

OKEECHOBEE — After many long years, the family of Nola Belle Carman received recognition for the sacrifice she made as a mother during a time of war. In May of this year, one of our featured veterans, Francis Holcomb, told the story of her mother watching seven of her 11 children going off to war, […]

Jeff Jones is thankful for the veterans before him

OKEECHOBEE — Veteran Jeff Jones is originally from Northwest Iowa, a small town called Sioux Rapids. He comes from a farming background. They had several thousand acres on one side and a couple thousand on the other. They had pigs, horses, cattle, dairy, sheep — pretty much everything, he said. Some of Mr. Jones’ friends […]

Veteran says military career was ‘blessed’

OKEECHOBEE — Veteran Bobby Tillman joined the Army during the Vietnam War in 1966 when he was 17 years old. He was born in Winter Haven but raised in Okeechobee. He did his basic training at Fort Benning, Ga., and then went to AIT at Fort Sill in Oklahoma. He went in as a gunner […]

Jack Nash will always be a Marine

OKEECHOBEE — Not only is he Cpl. Jack Nash of the Okeechobee County Sheriff’s Office, he is also a Marine. He was born in Columbus, Ohio in 1973, and he isn’t afraid to tell anyone his age, he said, because he believes the older he gets, the wiser he gets and hopefully the more patient. […]

West Palm Beach VA to honor former prisoners of war on Sept. 27

WEST PALM BEACH — The West Palm Beach VA Medical Center will host a POW/MIA Recognition Ceremony to honor the sacrifices and remarkable determination of those captured as prisoners of war and remember those who remain unaccounted for. This event will take place at the VA Hospital, 7350 N. Military Trail, on Friday, Sept. 27, […]

“Pippins, you’re going where I tell you to go.”

OKEECHOBEE — Born and raised in Dalton, Ga., Veteran Jim Pippin had never really been much farther than 50 miles from home before going into the service. When he was 18 years old, he saw a recruiter who talked to him about joining the military. Prior to that, he wasn’t sure what he wanted to […]

Veteran Keebler earned his ‘dolphin,’ no regrets

OKEECHOBEE — Bob Keebler was born in Hughesville, Pa. He joined the Navy in 1966 while still in high school but through the 90-day deferral program so he could finish school before leaving for boot camp. In October, he went to the induction center at Wilkes-Barre, Pa., before heading to boot camp in Great Lakes, […]

Being in the Navy was a necessary thing in ’42

OKEECHOBEE — Veteran Kenneth Surface always enjoyed writing and kept a journal of the things he considered important in his life. His journal entries were the basis for this story. Born in September 1925, Kenneth Surface’s first memory was of traveling in the back of a Model A Ford somewhere in the middle of northern […]

Even boys can make a difference in war

OKEECHOBEE – Veteran Robert F. Glenn is a familiar face in Okeechobee, having served as postmaster for many years before he retired in 1980. After he left the military, he worked for the Railway Mail Service, the transportation branch of the U.S. Post Office. He ran the trains for 20 years before becoming supervisor of […]