Letter to the editor: Lake needs help

These two emails were sent to Gov. Ron DeSantis April 20. To date I have heard nothing. I am concerned about our lake, Lake Okeechobee, and all the communities and businesses that make our lake such a unique place. Honorable Gov. DeSantis,Good morning, and thank you for giving me this opportunity to address a matter […]

Letter to the editor: Okeechobee High School graduation

I am the proud parent of Nichole Folbrecht, who is a 2020 graduate of Okeechobee High School. I am very heartbroken, devasted, depressed and saddened that parents are not allowed to attend our kids’ graduation this Saturday. But what upsets me the most is I am hearing that more and more kids WILL NOT attend […]

Stop playing games with our water!

Guest Commentary By Matt Caldwell “What can you do … against the lunatic who is more intelligent than yourself; who gives your arguments a fair hearing and simply persists in his lunacy?” — George Orwell’s 1984 It is an open joke in Tallahassee that if Kimberly Mitchell and the Everglades Trust speak, you will hear […]

Should you turn in those who aren’t following ‘social distancing’ rules?

OKEECHOBEE — Philosopher George Santayana said, “Those who forget history are condemned to repeat it,” and in the last few weeks, we are witnessing this. Of the many atrocities brought about by the Nazi Party in Germany, one of the most surprising was the indoctrination of perfectly normal, ordinary men, women and children. These ordinary […]

Give special thanks to veterans and active-duty military

Guest Commentary By Chrisanne Gordon, M.D. May is National Military Appreciation Month, since 1999 an annual opportunity for Americans to honor veterans and active-duty members of our military services. But this monthlong observance takes on special meaning in 2020, a year so disrupted by COVID-19, because so many men and women on the front lines […]

Everglades Foundation efforts threaten to outsource food supply

Guest Commentary By Julia du PlooyPresident of the Lake Okeechobee Business Alliance. CLEWISTON — Growing up in Clewiston, I heard how special-interest “activists” often used our farmers as their boogeymen. Now as a mother of two and founder of an organization devoted to promoting local causes, I fear extremism in Florida is threatening to disrupt […]

‘It is finished!’

Reflections from the Pulpit By Loy MershimerOkeechobee Presbyterian Church Flash back for a moment to the scene at Calvary. There on Golgotha’s hill, Jesus is raised high on a cross — hanging between two worlds. And after six hours on this Roman torture device, Jesus raises himself up, pushing up with His feet, gasping for […]

Shameful attacks must end

Guest Commentary By Janet Taylor,Chairwoman, Glades Lives Matter Anti-farming advocates like Broward County’s Patrick Ferguson and radical elements within the Sierra Club are back at it — denigrating the Glades communities, stoking fear among our most vulnerable residents and insulting the intelligence of our people. This time they are resorting to using the COVID-19 virus […]

Anti-farmer agenda disrupts meals program

By Melissa McKinlayPalm Beach County CommissoinerSteven B. WilsonMayor, City of Belle GladeJoe Kyles Sr.Mayor, City of South BayKeith Babb Jr.Mayor, City of Pahokee PALM BEACH COUNTY — In times of crisis, Palm Beach County residents come together to support those in need. From the beginning, the global COVID-19 pandemic was no exception. In March, when […]

In defense of liberty …

GUEST COMMENTARY By Mark FlattenGoldwater Institute In normal times, most people wouldn’t give much thought to a group of protesters waving signs on the lawn of the state capitol. They would not hesitate to have a group of friends over to their homes, to travel, or to attend religious services. These are taken as things […]