A letter from a Floridian in the African jungle

From Talkin’ Monkeys to studying them up close BUSINGIRO, Uganda — I didn’t always want to study primates. In fact, back when I was in elementary school I aspired to be a marine biologist. During high school my focus shifted toward tropical ecology, and when I first started university I wished to become a herpetologist. […]

Letter to the Editor: An open letter to those who love Okeechobee

As an avid fisherman and waterman, I’ve seen the changes that impacted the waterways in Stuart, and thus feel compelled to reach out to anyone who loves the “Big Lake.” The lake is sick. From tainted water flowing in, to chemical aquatic weed control, legacy muck and cyanobacteria blooms, there’s a vicious cycle taking place […]

Letters to the Editor: Election 2020 and Praise in the Park

Election 2020As of June 1, I embark upon my 30th month of being the sheriff of Okeechobee County. This has been by far the most rewarding professional achievement in my life. I am honored, humbled and blessed every day that the citizens of Okeechobee County had the faith and confidence to choose me to lead […]

Mary Ann Martin reflects on Lake Okeechobee

CLEWISTON — As our group boarded Koby Kreiger’s bass boat Monday morning, March 11, for an outing to see Lake Okeechobee conditions firsthand, Mary Ann Martin took a moment to marvel at how far their Roland Martin Marina & Resort had come since the early 1980s. She said that when she first moved here, she […]

Letter to the Editor: New session, same old tricks

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks — or, so they say. Conversely, I was taught — and teach my children — you’re never too old to learn. This rule applies to dogs, cats and people — even Florida lawmakers. Nevertheless, some Tallahassee politicians refuse to learn. Florida’s legislature is about to begin a […]

Letter to the Editor: Colonel Kelly no-show in Clewiston disappointing

Earlier this week, I was proud to have been among the dozens of residents from the Glades communities who traveled to Stuart to have our voices heard as part of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ public input process for the next Lake Okeechobee lake level plan. I was disappointed to see that Colonel Andrew […]

Put Florida families first and end the shutdown

TALLAHASSEE — As Americans, we have some basic, reasonable expectations. Among them: our food should be safe to eat, our businesses should be able to operate, our workers should be paid for their labor, and our government should function effectively. That shouldn’t be asking too much. Yet as the federal government shutdown extends past the […]

Don’t miss PBS’s ‘American Experience: The Swamp’

OKEECHOBEE — The Public Broadcasting System’s series “American Experience,” the network claims, is the most-watched history series on television, now in its 31st season. The first episode of the 2019 season, which first aired Jan. 15 and has been repeated several times on WXEL-Channel 42, South Florida PBS, is titled “The Swamp” and relates the […]

November is World Kindness Day

Sometimes the smallest gestures can make a person’s day completely turn around, whether it is a simple smile or holding a door. Nov. 13 is World Kindness Day. If we expect our children to learn kindness, we must be their teachers! “World Kindness Day is celebrated annually on Nov. 13. On this day, participants attempt […]

Agricultural BMPs ARE protecting water resources

Best Management Practices help reduce the nutrient load in runoff from farms and ranches.