Support law enforcement

The word of God says “woe unto those who call evil good and good evil.” It goes on to say “woe unto those who justify the wicked.” This is the condition of the world today. Those who should be praised and rewarded for their service and sacrifices are now considered by many to be villains. […]

Glades 1-cent tax not exactly new; it replaces discretionary surtax

Guest Commentary By Donna Storter LongSpecial to the Lake Okeechobee News MOORE HAVEN — This is Public Service Announcement: The Glades County Board of Commissioners is NOT ADDING A NEW TAX! Here is the history of the Glades County 1-cent sales tax change: The current 1-cent discretionary sales surtax was adopted by Glades County Ordinance […]

Government should protect public

Hello. My name is Ana Herrera and I’m a resident of Okeechobee County for over 25 years. After watching the county commissioners meeting and the bravest man I’ve ever seen come forward for our vulnerable seniors, I cannot sleep. I want to meet Dean and his group of seniors, offer my full support and join […]

Letter to the Editor: Help appreciated

Help appreciated My Aunt’s House would like to say “thank you” to our new friends the Knights of Columbus #11284 of Buckhead Ridge. About three weeks ago, Norman Wagner called My Aunt’s House (also known as The Closet) and wanted to make a donation of clothing. After a long, friendly conversation, Mr. Wagner mentioned that […]

Pahokee commissioners must fire manager

Guest CommentaryBy Bobby Colvin Dear Pahokee Mayor Keith Babb Jr.: Though there are many issues on which I would like to comment, due to limited time, I will concentrate my attention to the legal and criminal issues involving our city manager. I was extremely disappointed in the last meeting that the commission did not see […]

Are newspapers dying? Not ours!

By Joe SmythChairman, INI Board of Trustees An article in Sunday’s New York Times put yet another nail in the coffin of local newspapers. In speculating about what the future will be in 2022 (that’s only two years from now), David Leonhardt writes:“Local newspapers will be one casualty. They were already struggling, because Google, Facebook […]

City of Pahokee needs a change

Guest Commentary By David Ruiz I listened in to the special meeting of the Pahokee City Commission on June 30 regarding the OIG’s “Investigative Report 2019-0005; City of Pahokee Inappropriate Purchasing Card Expenditures.” I was hoping that a majority if not all around the dais would support and vote to terminate the city manager with […]

The death of common sense

Editor’s note: Su George of Okeechobee shared this “obituary.” An Obituary printed in the London Times …Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who has been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was, since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic […]

Independence Day in a Time of Civil War

By Loy MershimerOkeechobee Presbyterian Church In the searing afternoon sun of July 3, 1863, Federal troops turned back Pickett’s final, desperate assault on the center of Union lines at Gettysburg. The smoke of the cannons blotted out the sun, turning it into an eerie red ball hanging in the summer sky; the thunder of shot […]

Don’t leave dogs in a car

As we approach the dog days of summer, it is important to remember that hot dogs belong on the grill, not in a vehicle. Canines can easily overheat and die when left in a hot car. When a dog’s internal body temperature exceeds 105.8°F, it can suffer from heatstroke, which has a 50 percent fatality […]