Food distribution continues with change in schedule

WEST PALM BEACH — The School District of Palm Beach County food distribution schedule as changed. Starting Monday, April 13 and until further notice, the 35 feeding sites will be open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Two days’ worth of meals will be provided each day. Each ‘Grab and Go’ meal includes breakfast, lunch, supper, and […]

Seniors use caution when shopping

OKEECHOBEE — Recently, many stores instituted a senior shopping hour in an effort to make shopping safer for some of our most vulnerable citizens. In some cases, though, this effort may have backfired as stores are packed with shoppers during this time period. In many cases, there are more shoppers during senior hour than there […]

Beware! Rent assistance phone calls are a scam Special to the Lake Okeechobee News

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office has issued the following scam alert: BEWARE: There is an impostor calling members of the community and asking for their personal information to help with rent payments. This is a scam! Never give out your personal information over the phone to anyone claiming to assist with your rent payments. […]

Stay at home order ‘not the devil’s work,’ says sheriff

OKEECHOBEE — As of Friday afternoon, Okeechobee County had two confirmed cases of COVID-19: a 41-year-old man who is self-isolating in Tampa and a 33-year-old woman who is self-isolating at home in Okeechobee. At a Friday afternoon press conference, Tiffany Collins of the Okeechobee County Health Department said the health department is tracking these individuals’ […]

Local doctor tests for coronavirus

OKEECHOBEE — Dr. Ramesh Kumar of the Big Lake Cancer Center has been performing the Rapid COVID-19 test for over a week now, and said right now, this test is the “next best thing.” The test is not FDA approved, but it can be used when your doctor authorizes it. It takes a drop of […]

Okeechobee County now has 134 tested; 3 confirmed positive

OKEECHOBEE – So far, about 2.2% of those tested for COVID-19 in Okeechobee County are confirmed positive. Glades County, with only 15 people tested, and four confirmed positive, has a positive rate of 26.6%. Hendry County, with 123 tested and 7 positive, has a rate of 5.7%. Palm Beach County, with 5,572 tested and 988 […]

Crisis forcing dairies to dump thousands of gallons of milk

OKEECHOBEE — The economic impact of COVID-19 is forcing dairy farms around Okeechobee to dump their own product down the drain — literally. The closure of schools, theme parks and some restaurants has led to a dramatically smaller demand for milk products. That decreased demand has resulted in a situation where dairy farms have containers […]

74 year old man is Okeechobee County’s third COVID-19 positive

OKEECHOBEE – A 74 year old man is the third person in Okeechobee County to test positive for the COVID-19 virus. He has been hospitalized. He is listed as a “non resident” on the Florida Department of Health dash board. The first positive, a 41 year old man, has an Okeechobee address, but was tested […]

Walmart limits number of customers in store at one time

By Dacona SmithExecutive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Walmart U.S. In this taxing and uncertain time, our associates have gone above and beyond to help Americans get the food, medicine and supplies they need. We care deeply about our associates’ health and well-being, and in recent weeks we’ve taken steps such as expanding our paid […]

CDC: Cover your face in public to protect others

Looks like it’s time to “cowboy up.” A new recommendation from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) came out on Friday, encouraging people who don’t have symptoms of the COVID-19 virus to cover their nose and mouth in public. A simple bandanna, worn in the style cowboys use to protect themselves from the dust of […]