Play for prizes!  A perfect bracket wins $1,000,000!


Here’s how:

  1. Click the link to access the site:
  2. Log in to your  current account or create a new one.
  3. Fill out your bracket after teams are announced Sunday night, March 17.  Be sure to fill out your bracket at least 15 minutes before the first game on Thursday, March 21 at approx.* 12:15pm.
  4. Check back for bracket updates and to see how you do!
  5. Watch your e-mail for notifications to pick again!  Blow your bracket?  No problem!  We have prizes every round!
  6. Compete against people all around Lake Okeechobee, plus you an win national prizes too!
  7. Watch Lake Okeechobee News & your e-mail for prize winner notifications and to see how you do against our local “VIP PICKERS” just for fun!

It’s 3 Contests in 1!

  • Overall contest is based on your initial bracket picks.
  • 16-team bracket.  This separate contest will start as soon as the 16 teams are determined! Contest closes at approximately* 6pm on Thursday, March 28!
  • 4-team bracket.  This separate contest will start as soon as the 4 teams are determined!  Contest closes at approximately* 5pm on Saturday, April 6!



Over $500 in local prizes will be given away!

Plus, you can compete for national prizes including a PS4 Pro and College Basketball Fathead ($99)

A Perfect Bracket will win $1,00,000!


Here’s the link to play!